One of the most prolific voiceover artists working today, Roberta is a fixture on network and cable television.

In the last year, she kicked off ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live with spoof ads, narrated comedy bits for the Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS, voiced promos for NBC’s coverage of the French Open and spots on NatGeo, ESPN, and Adult Swim.

An evocative storyteller, Roberta has narrated documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery and Smithsonian Channel, including the Emmy Award winning Decoding Immortality. She recently voiced an immersive series for the international “Our Oceans” conference at the U.S. Department of State.

Roberta has been heard as the image and branding voice on 100+ TV and radio stations.

When she was tapped for The Expendables campaign, Roberta became one of the few women voicing moving trailers. She’s since worked on campaigns for a diverse group of films, including Catherine Deneuve’s On My Way, the BBC’s Tiny Giants, and the wacky Space Station 76.

Roberta’s love affair with the mic began on the radio, as part of a top-rated morning show. She was also a cast member of the award-winning radio comedy show Right Between the Ears, which aired on Sirus/XM and NPR stations nationwide.

Her on-camera work includes a lengthy stint as a TV horror host. In 2012, Roberta’s creepy, corset-clad alter ego Crematia Mortem was inducted into Horrorhound Magazine’s TV Horror Host Hall of Fame along with Elvira, Dr. Paul Bearer and the Universal Studios “Shock” Package.