Among the most versatile voiceover artists working today, Roberta is one of the few women in the industry to achieve a top tier career.

She voices award-winning promos and documentaries on network and cable television, and is the branding voice of stations in multiple markets. She’s imaged hundreds of radio stations over the years, and has served as the sponsorship voice of the Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network for thirteen seasons.

When Roberta was tapped for “The Expendables” campaign, she became one of the few women to voice movie trailers.

Roberta began her career as part of a top-rated morning radio show, which she co-hosted with her husband. A longtime cast member of the award-winning radio comedy show, “Right Between the Ears,” which aired on Sirus/XM and NPR stations nationwide, she got the biggest laugh of her career as the voice of a cat on a weigh-reducing machine.

Roberta has the unique distinction of being a former TV Horror Host. Her creepy, loopy alter ego Crematia Mortem was inducted into Horrorhound Magazine’s “TV Horror Host Hall of Fame” along with Elvira, Dr. Paul Bearer and the Universal Studios “Shock” Package.

Roberta delivers audio in any format her clients require, and carries a portable studio with her when she travels. She has recorded in hotel closets, her friends’ bathrooms, and recently under a massage table in an airport spa.